Welcome to the Home of Catherby

We are a RuneScape Clan that has been running since 2003. We welcome everyone to our home, whether you want to join the clan or not - everyone is welcome.


Join Our Discord

Chat & Voice

We offer both text-chat channels and voice-chat channels. With the ever-growing community discord, we are sure you will find a channel to suit your needs.


We have various bots that will cater your every whim (well, most anyway). We have clan specific bots for controlling certain aspects, but we also have others like Grand Exchange Lookup, Voice of Seren, XP Gains, RSN Stats and Achievements, Adventure Log, and many more.


Who doesn't like memes right? We love them. We have specific meme and nsfw channels for everything that isn't relating to RuneScape - or maybe it is, you choose.

Idle Game

With the integration of the SuityBot, you have the ability to play the Idle RuneScape game directly in our discord channels.