Welcome to the Home of Catherby

Welcome to the Catherby Clan, a proud RuneScape community that has been thriving since 2003. Our doors are open to all – whether you're seeking to join our ranks or simply looking for a friendly place to visit. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming home for gamers of all backgrounds. Come and be a part of our journey, share in our adventures, and make lasting connections in the world of RuneScape.


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Chat & Voice

Explore our diverse range of communication channels, featuring both text and voice options. Our thriving Discord community ensures there's always a conversation to join that caters to your interests. Whether you prefer typing out your adventures or sharing them aloud, our channels are designed to meet every RuneScape player's communication needs.


Dive into a world of convenience with our array of specialized bots, designed to enhance your RuneScape experience. From the essential Grand Exchange Lookup to the insightful Voice of Seren, our bots provide real-time updates and stats. Whether it's tracking your XP gains, delving into RSN stats and achievements, or keeping a log of your adventures, our clan-specific and general bots are here to assist with almost every aspect of your gameplay. Discover the endless possibilities and tailor your gaming experience to perfection with our diverse bot collection.


Memes are the heart of internet fun, and we're all in! Our community thrives on laughter and good humor, showcased in our dedicated meme channels. Whether it's RuneScape-related humor or something entirely offbeat, our channels offer a space for every comedic taste. Plus, for those edgier jokes, we have NSFW channels, ensuring there's always something to tickle your funny bone. Join in, share a laugh, and maybe even become our next meme legend!

Wordle Game

Get ready to test your word-guessing skills in our dedicated 'Coordle' channel! It's a fantastic space where members can come together to challenge each other in guessing words, enhancing both fun and camaraderie. Whether you're a word game wizard or just looking for a friendly competition, our Coordle channel offers endless entertainment and a great way to connect with fellow clan members. Join in and see if you can become the top word-guesser in the Catherby Clan!