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Figured we could use a place to discuss all the Elf City documents + having them all listed in one thread.

Elf City Documents:
  1. Elf City Document Part 1
  2. Elf City Document Part 2
  3. Elf City Document Part 3
  4. Elf City Document Part 4
  5. Elf City Document Part 5 for the Elf City Design, Pts 3 & 4 podcast

BTS Video 118: Elf City Q&A with Osborne & Elfborne
Prifddinas Pre-release Teaser With Elf City Team! - Starts at 5minutes into the stream

Quote:The first batch (ETA September) will include:
  • Tower of Voices, a Lodestone, a Grand Exchange
  • Clans: Iowerth (Slayer/Melee), Cadarn (Ranged/Magic), Trahaearn (Mining/Smithing), Crwys (Woodcutting/Farming)
  • The Iowerth Clan will have the highest level Slayer master yet, who offers preferred Slayer tasks

    The second batch (ETA early November) will include:
    • Clans: Hefin (Agility/Prayer), Amlodd (Divination/Summoning), Meilyr (Dungeoneering/Herblore), Ithell (Crafting/Construction)
    • The city will include Dungeoneering, a Divination colony and PvM
    • Crystal Flask recipes will need to be unlocked by finding them or buying them
    • The mine in the city can only be used once a day
    • A task set centred around Prifddinas will be released after
    • The Seren-associated Prayers and Spells from an April Power to the Player poll will be released after

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RIP extremes and zaryte bow.
Elf City Design 4 - Changes

Today will be a bumper day of posting on the forums, as I list everything we are changing about the design of the Elf City!

Here are the changes to Ithell and Amlodd, based on your feedback.


• An NPC will be added to the area who is trying to gather crystal seeds. Thematically, he is looking for ways to stabilize crystals so they do not need charges. A player can trade a dragon pickaxe/dragon hatchet and a number of crystal seeds to gain a crystal pickaxe/crystal hatchet.
o The crystal hatchet and crystal pickaxe will not degrade, and will be addable to the toolbelt. By using these items, the player will have twice the chance of gaining shattered heart and golden shattered heart rocks from crystal trees and the Seren Stones. The crystal pickaxe will also have a chance of generating an additional corrupted ore from the Seren Stones, while a crystal hatchet will have a chance of gaining cleansing crystals from crystal trees. The crystal hatchet and crystal pickaxe will both be untradeable. The crystal hatchet will require Attack level 70 to wield, and Woodcutting level 71 to mine with. The crystal pickaxe will require Attack level 70 to wield, and Mining level 71 to mine with. The aim is for the crystal pickaxe and hatchet to be an upgrade to their dragon equivalents, but an alternative to the adze and Imcando pickaxe. A player would change depending on what they wanted to achieve/where they wanted to train.
• The player will be able to store any number of their crystal seeds on an NPC in the area
• The bracelet of clay will give a player an additional soft clay every 1/5 mines of the soft clay mining node.
• Ranged and magic shields will be added to complement the current melee shield.
• We will make sure that the attuned crystal weaponry doesn’t devalue chaotics or other level 80 gear. The agility bonus will be offset by the degrading nature of the armour and, potentially, other disadvantages. This will be something we explore more at QA stage.
• The crystal tools will provide a +5 bonus to skills, rather than +3, and they will each have a double chance of generating shattered heart and golden shattered heart rocks in their respective skills (this will stack with the Voice of Seren golden shattered rock benefits).
• The Player-Owned House portal is being moved to the Ithell section
• A water source will be added to the Ithell section
• A range will be added to the Ithell section
• A bank will be added to the Ithell section
• A tanning NPC will be added to the Ithell section


• Light cores and dark cores will be available outside of combat. Players will be able to get them from pickpocketing, the light creature agility course and more.
• To clarify, light creature familiars will only ‘crush’ energy, and not memories. This means that you will be gaining purely memories from wisps. This allows you to save inventory space for memories. You will gain Divination XP for crushing energy, which will work out as slightly more rewarding than using that energy to convert memories at a crater. Basically, the light creatures are for people who aren’t interested in divination energy.
• The light creature familiar will only remove the negative effects of the first 15 green tears from the Tears of Guthix cave
• The light creature will be temporarily dismissed while you enter the Tears of Guthix cave, but its passive ability will still apply
• The impling collecting reward will now be triple XP, not double XP, on caught implings
• On completing the Impling Collector codex, the player will be able to choose between gaining triple XP or double items
• On completing the Impling Collector codex, the player will also receive an elf outfit (‘thinker’ class)
• As a player catches an impling, that impling appears in the impling collector’s house, so a player has a visual record of which implings they have collected. These implings will be permanent additions, but cannot be caught.
• The document was slightly unclear and implied that you would be able to barehanded catch implings in Puro Puro. This will not be the case – you will still need jars to catch implings here.
• Some players wanted more Summoning training methods in this section. It is worth noting that the Summoning pickpocketing NPCs will be an effective way of gaining charms, acting in a very similar manor to the ‘pickpocketing summoners’ update that we have talked about previously

Elf City Design 5 - Changes

NOTE - All references to the drop tables of the Motherlode Rock have been removed from the list of changes.

This is because two very opinionated camps are fighting about what the Motherlode Rock should offer.

We have a clear sense of what each camp wants from the Motherlode Rock, and we have a plan for creating something enticing and rewarding that satisifies both. But, without posting the comprehensive drop table, which isn't complete yet, we will not see an end to this argument. We also feel that the poll system is too broad to answer a question that focuses on a smaller proportion of the player base.

We will not reveal the contents of this drop table until launch.


• Medium and large lamps will not be available from the Hefin agility course


• The level 95 Dungeoneering resource dungeon will unlock a gorajo, which will appear both here and in the Daemonheim camp. This gorajo will offer the player one card each day. Like clue scrolls, the player will not be able to own more than one card at a time. These cards can be taken into a Dungeoneering floor, when they will be used up, giving the player a benefit for that dungeon. Examples of these abilities might include the following, but are subject to change as we continue designing:

o Far more likely for slayer creatures to spawn
o Players can activate guide mode without an XP forfeit
o Double damage on Dungeoneering boss
o You can open all skill doors regardless of your level
o Completing a floor gives you an extra Sinkholes ticket (uncommon)
o Double dungeoneering tokens (uncommon)
o Double Dungeoneering XP from the floor (uncommon)
o Double skill XP from the floor (uncommon)

• Various divine locations will appear randomly in the level 95 resource dungeon. A player can gather from just one of these locations until it exhausts per day, without contributing to the player’s resource limit.
• The runite rocks will be removed from the level 95 Dungeoneering resource dungeon, since runite rocks are already offered in other resource dungeons (and in the Elf City)
• As a note, future updates are planned that will offer resource dungeons between levels 95 and 115 Dungeoneering
• The frost dragons will be removed from the level 115 Dungeoneering resource dungeon, since their proximity to a bank chest has been questioned. They will be replaced by new slayer creatures – the stalkers. These will range from combat level 150 to 180 (non-Legacy combat levels), and will be similar to the slayer stalkers and World Gorger. The stalkers will be added as a slayer task to Morvran and Kuradal, and will drop items that are useful specifically in the Elf City, as well as – more rarely – Dungeoneering cards (so a player can gain more than one per day).
• It was not clear in the design document about how the motherlode shards would work (the motherlode shards are gained from the summer promotion). An NPC in the Elf City, outside of the resource dungeon, will exchange 10 motherlode shards for 1 free go on the motherlode rock. The player will NOT have to access the 115 dungeon to spend their motherlode shards. The NPC will act as a motherlode rock for motherlode shards, and will give the player the item. There may be small changes to the motherlode drop table for those who use shards
• Juju potions will still be tradable, but they will have a Herblore requirement if you want to drink them. This herblore requirement is the same as the level required to make them. This means that high-level players can purchase large quantities of juju potions if they want to make perfect potions, while low level players will not be able to use them.
• Juju herblore potions will no longer be an ingredient for perfect potions. The other juju potions will remain as ingredients, however. This is because the juju herblore potion is more widely used than the other juju potions. –
• The perfect mining potion will now have a chance of giving you noted ores at the tier you are mining, rather than simply giving you coal. The ore that you gather will be of that tier, and (more rarely) that tier plus one. If you are mining runite, you have a chance of gaining high-level gems. This should make the perfect mining potion more attractive.
• Perfect prayer potion will not increase the XP gained from gilded altar (many players found this to be overpowered). Instead, you will gain the effect of a gilded altar with lit candles even when you do not have them lit. We may decide to add more abilities to this potion if that effect is not considered strong enough.
• To clarify, crystal flasks will be tradeable, same as other flasks.
• Depending on time (as the code will require a great deal of work) a player will be able to decant crystal flask potions in a manner that allows them to be used in combination potions.
• Wildfire Potion and Burning Potions will be added to the 20 combination potions, taking us up to 22 in total. These are the ranged and magic equivalents of the Berserker Potion (now renamed Firestorm potion), and will be a combination of Extreme Magic/Extreme Ranged and Extreme Defence. They will all be level 91 Herblore to make, will be found in Dungeoneering, and will cost 200,000gp.
• We are aware that some combination potions will have effects that carry two different durations – the overload antifire, for example, which will have a 5 minute overload duration and a 10 minute antifire duration. Rather than nerf the antifire duration to bring it inline with the overload duration, we are going to leave this as it is. It will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to take another sip from your overload antifire.
• To clarify, the Perfect Plus potion will give all of the combined abilities of the perfect potions, not the combination potions.
• The chance of finding a combination potion recipe in Dungeoneering will increase depending on the player’s combined Herblore and Dungeoneering levels. This chance will increase sharply if the player has max levels.
• A cupboard will be added to the herblore shop, where the player will be able to store any number of max-dose perfect potions and combination potions

Elf City - Drop Tables
Hi There Guys,

As you know we are busy working on the Elf City, and along the way we have shared our design documents with you, in order to get your feedback.

Mod Giara and I are looking for a little help with part of the Elf City – Loot!

We have been tasked with helping Mod Raven and Mod Rowley with the new Elf Pickpocketing as well as the drop tables from combat with the Elves that are part of the Iowerth and Cadarn clans.

So we would love to know what kinds of thing you would like or find helpful to have as loot. What items would you hope to get when pickpocketing the following elves?

• Iorwerth
• Cadarn
• Crwys
• Trahaearn
• Ithell
• Amlodd
• Meilyr
• Hefin

The thieving will be within the clans, so would you want things to assist you with the skills those clans represent?

For example:

Crwys – Farming and Woodcutting,
Trahaearn – Mining and Smithing.
Iowerth – Slayer and Melee
Cadarn – Ranged and Magic
Ithell - Crafting and Construction
Amlodd - Summoning and Divination
Meilyr - Dungeoneering and Herblore
Hefin - Agility and Prayer

Your help, feedback and support is greatly appreciated ^_^

Mod Giara and Mod Sarah

RuneScape QA
Ty for the update. Smile
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Thanks for the update. Good to have it all in one place.

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Meilyr changed again. (Lol.)

Combination potions
I've filled out some of the gaps in potions, so that you have full sets of potions and tweaked others where the amount of different combinations were getting quite crazy. A few additional suggestions have also been included!

Super Strength+, Super Ranging+ and Super Magic+ have been renamed to "Grand Strength" and variants.

Grand Defence and Grand Attack have been added, requiring level 78 and 79.
Firestorm, Wildfire and Burning potions have been added, as combinations of extreme potion types focused on Melee, Magic and Ranged respectively from the initial feedback requiring level 91.

Extreme Serum has been added, combining all effects of the extreme potions requiring level 93.

Adrenaline restore has been added, using an Adrenaline and Super Restore as ingredients and granting both potions effects requiring level 87.

Supreme Attack and Supreme Defence have been added to match the Supreme Strength, Magic and Ranged all requiring level 93.

Super Prayer Renewal has been added, combining a Prayer renewal and Prayer Restore potion. This will restore the same amount of Prayer as a regular Prayer potion, and restore more than a regular Prayer renewal over time.

Enhanced Overload has been added, combining Overload, Prayer Renewal, Prayer Restore, Super Antifire, Antifire and Super Antipoison to combine all effects into one. This applies the effects of Extreme Antifire and Super prayer renewal and requires level 97.

Supreme Overload has been added, combining Overload, Super Attack, Super Strength, Super Defence, Super Ranged and Super Magic to boost stats at the supreme level (16% + 4) requiring level 98.
Enhanced Supreme Overload has been added, combining Supreme Overload and the ingredients of Enhanced overload (regular overload excluded) to add the same effects requiring level 99.

Extreme Antifire timer has been reduced to 6 minutes, but retains it's effects against skeletal wyverns. See "Herblore Changes" for more information!
Strength Antifire, Ranging Antifire and Magical Antifire have been removed as I didn't feel they were worthwhile compared to other potions utilising antifires.

Renew Adrenaline has been removed in favour of restore adrenaline.

Prayer Overload, Antifire Overload, Adrenaline overload and Renewal overload have been removed in favour of new enhanced overload variants.

Perfect Plus potion doses will last 4 hours, rather than 24 hours. It was originally expected that this would be a single-dosed potion, but this wasn't clear in the design documents. You will receive 6 doses, totaling 24 hours but allowing you to choose when to use each 4 hour section!

Herblore Changes
One of the small but irritating things is that the potion timers are inconsistent - some last 5 minutes, some 6 and others somewhere in the middle. These will all be brought in line to a standard 6 minutes.

Juju potions will be made to last across logout, rather than expiring when you logout.

Juju potions will be added to the timer panel which shows effects you have running.

Harmony Monoliths
The initial design for these farming spots hasn't changed much - rather than being based on the challenge system skills they will be both random and unique: no 2 patches would contain the same skill.

This is in order to encourage more diversity in training, rather than toggling skills from the challenge system so you always gain boles for the skills you happen to be training currently.

For clarity, the skill of focus will change on your first login each day unless you have planted a seed in the patch, in which case it will be constant.

The juju mining potion effect will be restored to its original prior to Divination, and the perfect mining potion will combine both the old and new effects.

Resource dungeons
The design of these areas has been tweaked recently - they're still awaiting approval and so I won't post them yet! Tongue

Source: Icy found this.
N00000 i dropped 200 juju mining flasks...
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