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Hello Everyone,

I would like to welcome you to the new Theme.
The reason I had to take the forum down was to upgrade the forum software.

Undoubtedly there will be some bugs, or things that could be improved, so if you find anything,
please let me know in a reply to this post.

One thing I should mention, the shoutbox plugin was severely outdated and I'm afraid won't
work with the new theme. Therefore we have a new shoutbox, although somewhat limited.
I may look into a newer one in the future, but for now that's what we have. Big Grin

To combat the latest threads in the chat, they are now down the right-hand side.

To top it all off. This theme is Mobile friendly, so feel free to find bugs/enhancements on your phone/tablet.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the downtime.

Hey all!

Dedicated post to todays clan updates Smile

2 highlights!
1: we can now recall an avatar when it's lost or if someone has logged out with it.
2: Everyone is able to see if there's an avatar out, the world, buff and who has summoned it.

[Image: GlqaT9p.png]


The clan noticeboard now displays the name and world of clan Avatar Wardens.

Clan/Friend chat icons have been updated.

Keywords and noticeboard drop downs have been updated with such useful words as Prifddinas, Cabbage Facepunch and others.

Updated the clan founding interface to NIS standards.

Updated the clan invite interface to the NIS standard.

Added the clan motto, home world, clan size and relevant page links to the clan invite interface.

Clan vexillums placed in the stands at the Clan Camp and Burthorpe will persist for 30 minutes unattended to advertise your clan while you play elsewhere.

The large clan flag in Burthorpe now cycles through the colours of the clans represented on the surrounding vexillum stands. You can see an overview of the clans represented by checking this flag.

A runestone has been added to the Avatar habitat that allows clan members with correct permissions to recall avatars back to citadel. Wherever the avatar is it will be de-summoned and will immediately return to the citadel.



We have decided to change the way we recruit. We may go back to the way it used to be but that depends what this new method will do for the clan Smile

The following changes have been made:
1. The removal of the total lvl req. (Used to be 500+)
2. Applying on the recruitment thread is now optional.
3. Faster invites after a few hours (max 24).
4. Lieutenants+ able to invite new members.
5. Admins+ will keep a close eye on the new ones - complaints regarding them will be dealt with asap. This means quick warnings and or kicks if anyone causes trouble. (only overseers+ will kick).

*People should still read our recruitment thread - they should know a bit about the clan before joining.
*Is there a troublesome guest? Try inboxing screenshots to any deputy+ or talk to an admin+ in game. We will notify eachother and handle the rest Smile

If you have any questions or suggestions then please post them below.

We have been talking about this on the clan leaders forum and we figured hey why not take over runelabs to get some clan updates done?

So we had a big discussion and voted on suggestions we want to get added. Now these runelabsuggestions are the result of that vote.

So please support these suggestions on runelabs so our clan life gets even better!

Runelab ID's: (Posted by SofaKing)
Clan Permission Rewrite: 42242
Clan Whitelist (Approved Guests/Clan Friends List): 42243
Clan Citadel Resource Cap Tracker: 42244
Clan Avatar Tracker: 42245
Automate Anagogic Ort Payment/Buffs: 42246

Spread the news and vote Smile it'll help us all loads! I have also shared this on Twitter/Facebook & SofaKing has posted the quick links on our recruitment thread (1st post on page 117)

You may or may not have noticed that many peoples accounts have been corrupted lately.
I'm not sure how but it seems most of them don't even have a bank pin.
I suggest bringing up the subject of account safety more often in the clan chat.
Promote having a bank pin and the auth on their account + a 2 step security on their connected email.
Also advice to change the bank pin reset delay to 7 days, this can be done by talking to a banker.

If anyone needs a guide these are the ones you want to use:

Authenticator Guide - Support: http://catherby.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=258
General PC Security Guide: http://catherby.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=943
How to contact Jagex: http://catherby.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=107

Everyone should protect their account, take the annoyance of having a bank pin over the chance of losing all your items.

Never use the same password for your email as your account.
Make passwords as random as possible.
8+ digits with numbers/letters/caps (if possible signs) variations.

We did it!

Our website is posted on the 1st page (1st post) of the clan directory!
Now if someone wonders what our clan website is and you do not wish to say the url in game! Then be free to refer to this pinned thread.
I have also added this in our recruitment thread Smile

"Home > Forums > Clan Central > Clan Directory"
Quick find code: 135-136-694-65563013

[Image: IrmNZ51.png]
[Image: ZHq944f.jpg]

And yes I will request for our Facebook to be added to this as well Smile

Starting today you will be able to tell us that you are interested in the Organiser Rank. This rank is used to help the clan out in different ways and of course holding the avatar.
You can also suggest someone else for the rank!


  • Clan chat activity; talking, getting conversations going etc
  • Forum activity; checking the forums on a regular base (multiple times a week), posting on threads.
  • Well behaved in the clan chat; no offences against you. It is a rank that's combined with a trust factor.
  • The will to help out; the rank is to help people, not to help yourself to an +6% buff.

Things that will help
  • Bumping our recruitment thread.
  • Promoting the website to other clan members. Such as getting more people to sign up.
  • Promoting our discord server.
  • Placing a vex to help out with recruitment for the clan.
  • Sending in screenshots of everyone online when there's no avatar/admin to us. You can find an example in the spoiler below.

Inbox the following apply to this account.
  • Runescape name:
  • Your timezone:
  • Motivation for the rank (simply saying hosting the avatar wont do):
  • Any additional info that would be good for us to know:

Or if you want to suggest someone for an organiser.
Inbox the following apply to this account.
  • The Runescape username:
  • Timezone of the person you suggest (if you know it):
  • Why do you think that this person should be an organiser (simply saying he she can host the avatar wont do):
  • Any additional info that would be good for us to know:

Notes regarding the apply form
  • See this as a way to tell us that you would like a rankup and why.
  • You will not get a message saying that your apply has been reviewed, accepted or denied.
  • You do not have to apply for the rank to get it. Any admin rank can still suggest people for a rankup.
  • Your apply will be posted on the staff section for review, a decision wont happen over night.
  • Asking for the status of the apply won't help you, you might get tips to improve your chances in pm but that's about it.

Spoiler: Example on how to screenshot admin lacking hours

If you have any questions then post them below Smile Good luck to everyone and I hope that this gives you all some insight of what we expect of our admin ranks.

Double XP Weekend XP Gains.

This thread can be used to show off much xp you have gained during the 2014 Double XP Weekend.

XP Tracker: http://www.runeclan.com/clan/Catherby/xp-tracker

Have Fun!

The scores of everyone that participated in the clan cup!

  1. Henkco - 1,032,535
  2. Ss Macka - 1,026,374
  3. Jens - 987,445
  4. Metalangel86 - 893,456
  5. Music Within - 812,312
  6. Airalsuir - 704,523
  7. Spiked Life - 593,208
  8. Gorgan Sail - 455,000
  9. Beth - 442,000
  10. Timmy - 417,000
  11. Icy Sentinel - 366,000
  12. Erik - 316,953
  13. i was draqon - 296,386
  14. Philadan - 201,326
  15. Markuus - 119,000
  16. CharlesIrl - 109,000
  17. Tabatha - 103,841
  18. Kenway - 93,000
  19. Jzy - 91,000
  20. Reasme - 66,000

I'd like to extend thanks to the following 3 people, because i don't have any registered scores for you, but i KNOW you guys helped! Smile - Air

Mr Fray

Keep in mind that not everyone has joined all the 6 weeks of the cup Wink
Also thank you Airalsuir for helping out and creating a sheet for the scores!

Rank 1 and 2 (possibly also nr 3) can pick up their prize from Kire667 Smile

Thank you all for participating in the clan cup! Can't wait till next year!

The Acorn Cup

[Image: O7tvZ61.png]

Lets buy them acorns!!