Beastmaster Durzag
Anyone interested in doing raids to help clannies with their comp capes or that just want to loot for rep? Post below if you want to join, we need atleast 10 people Smile

edit: can post info for the boss mechanics if needed

Air edit:
Source: Uuo's guide to Durzag.

One of Durzag's minions will spawn in the first phase on the 5th Airut wave. He always spawns on the west side, so be ready for it. Half of the DPS should be focusing the minion, the other half should be killing the Airuts and Chargers that spawn. It is advised that you kill the first minion before Durzag spawns.
Once the first phase is over, Durzag and one minion will spawn on the North side of the arena. It is important to leave this minion alive.

Shortly after Durzag spawns, the chargers will be released from their cages. Once the Chargers are released, the second tank should immediately provoke Durzag and allow the primary tank to heal the Charger damage.
Once the DPS have finished killing the chargers, continue getting the minions to low health.

Durzag will spawn his third and final minion shortly after the second phase starts. A message will pop up for the tank saying "As Durzag prepares to summon his minion, he shatters your defenses". Be prepared to provoke the minion off the tank.

ALWAYS make sure the minion tanks are in melee distance and facing AWAY from the team. This prevents the AOE damage from hitting your raid. Be aware that while in melee distance, minions will use melee attacks as well as their primary style.

Lower the minions to 100k health and kill them once the boss has hit 750k Life-Points.

Once you kill the minions, the boss will become enraged. When this happens the tank needs to use Devotion -> Resonance -> Barricade, then the next tank should provoke once barricade wears off.

Durzag's Abilities:

Durzag will throw bombs that the player must defuse. If you fail to defuse them, you will be dealt 2000 magic damage and your defensive abilities will be put on Cool-down. This can hit NPC's, including familiars to EVERYONE around the bomb that detonates

During the fight, Durzag will use a rapid quake attack that deals large amounts of damage. (Airut Melee Spec)

Durzag may pull players towards him. Use freedom and surge immediately to negate damage.

During the middle of the fight, Durzag will begin to throw Cages with Chargers inside.

Durzag will throw cages and lock players inside. You must free whoever gets trapped.

Some notes about Durzag:

Durzag is affected by Blood Necklace, and deflection prayers.

Durzag uses AOE melee attacks, so make sure your tank and melee DPS are on opposite sides to each other.

The minions will need to be focused once Durzag reaches 750k health as he becomes immune to damage.

Always focus the Chargers and Airuts. The Chargers do increased damage to their target over time, it can really hurt!

Durzag builds enrage against his current target, requiring the tanks to alternate and refresh the enrage meter.

Enslaved Goebies will assist you throughout the fight, however they can (and will) die rather easily.

Once the boss spawns, one person needs to repair the gongs around the room.
If the Chargers are on you, don't stay in the same position. Move around the room.

Using the Gong's can help the kill a lot. Using the Gongs once the minions die at 250k intervals seems to help mitigate damage and allow a smooth kill with minimal deaths
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Im in :-)
I'm in, but probably bad at it first..:/
Any info regarding it will help Smile
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yes, I'm in, I'm bad though =)
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I'll Join.
if u host the event before next wednessday I join (Im only not available in the weekend)
Depends on time and date
I'll be joining if I'm online.
Who's interested in tanking a minion? We need 2 minion tanks and one main tank for the boss(will most likely be me)
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