The Drop: Big Cats Edition
A new week has arrived therefor. The drop has been resetted to a new series of questions.

Tiger Questions(Week 2):

I will update this post once it is complete but for now I only know the first 10

Q1How many tigers are left in the wild? As few as..
Thirty Two Hundred

Q2 What is the bigges threat to the survival of tigers?

Q3: Which of the following is not true of tigers?
Live In Prides

Q4: What do tigers Eat?

Q5: Which Island lost its tigers first?

Q6: Where do tigers Live?
All of the above

Q7: The lifespan of the tigers in the wild is thought to be about?
10-15 years

Q8 Conservationist are working to save tigers by?
Doubling Tigers by 2022

Q9 How many countries in Asia still have tigers

Q10 Along with their furs, tigers are poached for their bones to make?

Q11: How much do tiger cubs grows in their first month:
Quadruple in Size

Q12: All tiger populations are endagered but where are they slowly increasing
India and Russia
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Omg many thanks! The day this came out somebody was kind enough to give all the answers in only 4 lines of chat right at the event start area in Burthrope world 6.

Now we have this - I won't need to search on RS Wiki for it when they finally get it up. Wink I prefer here anyway - no ads no lag.
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Thx Matt Smile
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