[Event] Corporeal Beast 9-12-15
Boss/Event: Corporeal Beast
Host: Gorgan Sail
FC: Gorgan Sail *PM Gorgan Sail for an add to the FC*
Game Time: 18:00 (2:00PM EST/1:00PM CST)
Date: 12/13-September-2015
Place to Meet Before Event: Corporeal Beast Cave (Requires the completion of Summer's End)
Gear That is 100% Required: Combat Gear (T70+& A spear)
Suggested Equipment:
[]Tier 80+ Armour/Void (Experience Reccomended)
[]Enhanced Excalibur

*Corp spawns a dark core which can damage you if you are near or on top of it
*Corp can stomp on players, so don't run under it

**An instance will be used on fast spawn for this boss**

**Teamspeak 3 can help with coordination during kills**

Enjoy the Event!
I try to be there. Smile
I normally range it. Is that okay?
(11-09-2015, 04:33 PM)Orunitia Wrote: I normally range it. Is that okay?

That's Fine.

Event in 1 Day!
Smile thanks
Thanks to the following for joining today!
I was draqon

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