The drop - Customer Support team
Since monday there is a Jmod clone 'stalking players' near burthrope lode to raise awareness of the Customer Support team, when you talk to him he offers you a large prismatic star and a limited edition title 'the Knowledgeable' when you get all the questions right.

[Image: 9afad002ea7ddc3260898e73c934ce52.png]

Questions/answers Smile (most answers should be obvious)

Spoiler :
1. Where can you find a hint to registered email? Account Settings.

2. How do you set up a bank pin? By talking to in game banker.

3. Is it safe to share your runescape account? No your account is yours alone!

4. What year did players start using emails to log in? 2010.

5. Can players log into multiple accounts simultaneously? Yes if they play fair.

6. Can players use the runescape authenticator instead of a bank pin? Yes.

7. What should you look for when a jagex mod appears in game? A gold crown.

8. What is mod kelvins position at jagex? Customer Support Manager.

9. How do you reclaim lost holiday items? Speak to Diango in game.

10. How do you access the runescape support center? Hit 'Support' on the website.

11. What times of day do customer support work? Day & night 24/7.

12. If a player is annoying me in game what should i do? Add them to your ignore list.
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