[Event] K'ril Tsutsaroth Hardmode
Boss/Event: K'ril Tsutsaroth (HM)
Host: Gorgan Sail
FC: Gorgan Sail *PM Gorgan Sail for an add to the FC*
Game Time: 19:00 (2:00PM EST/1:00PM CST)
Date: 7/8-November-2015
Place to Meet Before Event: Zamorak's Fortress with 40 Killcount W6
Requirements: 60 Strength/Agility & 70 Constitution
Gear That is 100% Required: Combat Gear (T70+ Recommended)
Suggested Equipment:
[]Tier 80 Weapons & Tier 70 Armour
[]Enhanced Excalibur

*The boss attacks with Melee and Magic, and there are three minions that each use one combat style.
*Range and Magic are the most efficient combat styles to use against this boss in Hardmode.
*In Hardmode, this boss has special attacks and damage taken is significantly increased, don't die.

Enjoy the Event and Goodluck on Soulstone and Pet Drops!
Not sure atm, but i'll try to be there. Smile
Pet and/or soulstone would be nice.
Will make sure i have a greaters task this weekend :p
Event starts in 4 Days!
(03-11-2015, 10:31 AM)Orunitia Wrote: Will make sure i have a greaters task this weekend :p
That's a good idea. Wink
finally got one :d
yay will actually be home for this one !

THANK YOU GORG! Was fun cant wait for more >Big Grin
Thanks to the following for joining today!
Agent J

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