[Event] Kree'arra Hardmode
Boss/Event: Kree'arra (HM)
Host: Gorgan Sail
FC: Gorgan Sail *PM Gorgan Sail for an add to the FC*
Game Time: 18:00 (2:00PM EST/1:00PM CST)
Date: 28/29-November-2015
Place to Meet Before Event: Armadyl's Eyrie with 40 Killcount W6
Requirements: 60 Strength/Agility & 70 Range
Gear That is 100% Required: Combat Gear (T70+ Recommended)
Suggested Equipment:
[]Tier 80 Weapons & Tier 70 Armour
[]Enhanced Excalibur

*The boss attacks with Melee, Range, and Magic, and there are three minions that each use one combat style.
*Range and Magic are the most efficient combat styles to use against this boss in Hardmode.
*In Hardmode, this boss has special attacks and damage taken is significantly increased, don't die.

Previous Event: 200m Mining & DP
Enjoy the Event and Goodluck on Soulstone and Pet Drops!
Event has been rescheduled to 28/29-November-2015!
Event has been rescheduled to 28/29-November-2015!
Event starts tomorrow!
Thanks to the following for joining today!
Lady Teleios

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