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Heloooo helloo!

Since we have a clans twitter it's nice to know which clan members are on twitter as well.

So I'm going to make a list of the clannies we have, should make it easier to follow eachother.

Please post your username on this thread if you want to be added to the list!

Also if any admin+ would like to have access to the clans twitter account then please post that on here as well.
You'll be able to manage the page through
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I don't really say a lot of useful things though... Mainly just reading other people's tweets Big Grin
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well some of the ppl at cws wanted me to make it so i did. @Harley0_rs
Yaah my twitter is for mma purposes so u guys probly arent gonna want to follow :p
It's all good. I mean I'm not big on MMA. Just a gamer so I guess that's why most don't really follow my Facebook or Twitter, because it's nothing real life until past few months with drama relationship stuff.
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