[News] Clan updates Feb 8 2016
Hey all!

Dedicated post to todays clan updates Smile

2 highlights!
1: we can now recall an avatar when it's lost or if someone has logged out with it.
2: Everyone is able to see if there's an avatar out, the world, buff and who has summoned it.

[Image: GlqaT9p.png]


The clan noticeboard now displays the name and world of clan Avatar Wardens.

Clan/Friend chat icons have been updated.

Keywords and noticeboard drop downs have been updated with such useful words as Prifddinas, Cabbage Facepunch and others.

Updated the clan founding interface to NIS standards.

Updated the clan invite interface to the NIS standard.

Added the clan motto, home world, clan size and relevant page links to the clan invite interface.

Clan vexillums placed in the stands at the Clan Camp and Burthorpe will persist for 30 minutes unattended to advertise your clan while you play elsewhere.

The large clan flag in Burthorpe now cycles through the colours of the clans represented on the surrounding vexillum stands. You can see an overview of the clans represented by checking this flag.

A runestone has been added to the Avatar habitat that allows clan members with correct permissions to recall avatars back to citadel. Wherever the avatar is it will be de-summoned and will immediately return to the citadel.

[Image: Untitled-4.gif]
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Yay about time Smile
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yaay ^^

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This is awesome.
Glad they've finally added most of this! Big Grin
finally got through there spaghetti code

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