Upcoming invention devices/tech tree rework
Tech Tree

Tier levels are the levels required to research the devices.

Dwarven (currency cost*)
Tier 1 (Level 40) Corporeal components (10*)
Tier 2 (Level 50) Sprinkler MK1 (25*)
Tier 2 (Level 50) Mining Accumulator (25*)
Tier 3 (Level 60) Book Switcher (35*)
Tier 3 (Level 60) Calorie Bomb (35*)
Tier 4 (Level 70) Auto-Sanctifier (55*)
Tier 4 (Level 70) Kinetic Cyclone (55*)
Tier 4 (Level 70) Dungeoneering Lock Melter (55*)

Goblin (currency cost*)
Tier 1 (Level 40) Pestiferous components (10*)
Tier 2 (Level 50) Mechanised Chinchompa (25*)
Tier 2 (Level 50) Woodcutting Accumulator (25*)
Tier 3 (Level 60) B.A.N.K. Stander (35*)
Tier 3 (Level 60) Monkey Mind-Control Helmet (35*)
Tier 4 (Level 70) Dungeoneering Party Simulator (55*)
Tier 4 (Level 70) Electrified box trap (55*)
Tier 4 (Level 70) Oldak Coil (55*)

new devices

Sprinkler MK1
Spoiler :
A persistent device that is placed in a flower patch and keeps adjacent vegetable patches watered.
Calorie Bomb
Spoiler :
A consumable device that can be charged with fish to deploy the area-of-effect healing.
Spoiler :
A consumable device that increases the prayer experience of buried bones and scattered ashes on the go.
Kinetic Cyclone
Spoiler :
A melee variant of the multicannon capable of rapidly hitting multiple targets at melee range.
Dungeoneering Lock Melter
Spoiler :
A consumable device that can bypass and unlock any non-key door in Dungeoneering you don't meet the requirements for.
B.A.N.K. Stander
Spoiler :
A consumable device that generates charge whilst you are stood in a bank area. When fully charged it breaks down into invention materials. Crafting this devices requires refined components.
Monkey Mind-Control Helmet
Spoiler :
A device that allows for the acquisition of a monkey to serve as a servant in your player-owned house.
Dungeoneering Party Simulator
Spoiler :
A consumable device that increases the expereince gained for completening Dungeoneering floors in parties of four or fewer.
Electrified box trap
Spoiler :
A consumable variant of the standard box trap with impeccable catch rates.
Oldak Coil
Spoiler :
A magic variant of the multicannon capable of frequently hitting small groups of enemies at medium range.
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