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Amusing Names/Titles - Mature Content (Possibly_
Here feel free to post amusing names or name/title combos you find, RS is full of them Big Grin Feel free to include from other games as well. Please be warned that due to the nature of online communities, some of the names/titles may not be suitable for younger audiences, scrolling discretion advised.

[Image: afe5e4be3b8f216a6b92ab8fd61d4927.png]
Nice one Tongue
[Image: Untitled-4.gif]
Shoot for the moon and if you miss grab a star.
And if nothing works out just flip a table ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) -- (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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Such a shame, I've seen so many good name/title combos and I've never taken screenshots. I guess this shall be the start of a most wonderful thread!
[Image: da28ea755a4551c347043d1bb254fb09.png]
A mature one here
Spoiler :
[Image: e0f1540da764ec29e41db9142e55c22c.png]
Another mature one here
Spoiler :
[Image: 95177ee9f09961b62175ea8e91739526.png]
Those are some good ones.
Not seeing many people at Runespan, but will keep my eyes open. Big Grin
[Image: 84b2edcf57942560c910aa814839946d.png]
We all know them feels.
[Image: prw4s7e.jpg]

The force is strong with this one. (adult reference)

Isn't this person famous for something?
[Image: 5mWa0Pp.jpg]
[Image: ngor36.jpeg]
"When I came into the game they didn't do nothing but doubt me.
Now the whole game's changed and it ain't nothing without me." - Ludacris
[Image: 7c49a202ff334c9dc34f551327c8a132.png]
[Image: 3fff3919323ad78eb8f61a430fa45f9f.png]
Have to make up for a few missed posting days X)

[Image: 07d3d69da01f91c9fc13a5f63bced581.png]
[Image: 6ad2336424b0d235bd6642aa04cf1a2f.png]
[Image: 0913f2c6b45eeec3fbc76acef7d0441f.png]
[Image: 1b7cb087183ec5369eaedc115b46c936.png]
[Image: 579a45264c5a91cd67b549756452f95b.png]
Proof morning wood kills men:
[Image: 1c5a6ab875ad698a8c5106473436bf95.png]

When you can relate all too well:
[Image: 00497aae27336c46acda24c212eb0e81.png]

How does Jagex not catch shit like this?:
[Image: b163291fa69f639b490c9d34922880fa.png]

Sounds like he spent too much time with the name above....:
[Image: 89f0951979251f1d8b56d2cc4ad35014.png]
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