MapleStory2 lol
So... they decided to make a second maplestory and it looks like this

The original Maplestory is a 2D platform which did pretty well for the longest time. But than it fell off when they brought out OP classes and equipment so you HAD to pay to play.

Than they had a problem maintaining the game as it was since the game was f2p unless you wanna buy cosmetics, etc. So seeing this it may bring life back into Maplestory but who knows Wink

Just thought it was need for anyone who remembers this game aha.
[Image: Icy_Sentinel.png]

120 Defense Cape Op.
That's awesome! Big Grin

I play MS so it would be interesting to see it in another perspective (3D) ;-)
There was cars and guns and action!!!! But that was just an ad for another game...

Maple story... I never really got into it. I saw other people play. From the looks of this video, it shoulda stayed 2d.

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