An account warning for all.
Guys Phishing seems to be stil going strong, even admidst out clannies.
Please Never trust Phising attempts like visit YouTube go to this and then click here for free money, doing that will guarentee they will attempt to take your account details.

please also becareful with unchecked sites a tracker or trojan is easily obtained.

Please keep safe and your account also.

Not trying to be super annoying but a bank pin and authenticator in place can help.

Happy Scaping people.

Sincerely Fair.
Also, having at least 1 malware/adware scanner (eg Malwarebytes) and 1 or 2 virus software can help so scan sites. There are plenty of free ones that are trusted out there to use. Always use protection & don't let anything download to your computer you don't know, especially exes & always scan zips.
Also, don't fall for those kindness pays bullsh** that some ppl (especially on w2) like to spam.
I posted a general PC security guide here:
As security gets improvements, so do scammers.

Just keep an updated copy of Malwarebytes on hand because it's free and useful. I haven't been hacked for email ever since I changed off Yahoo to Gmail where they have 2-step security and iphone authenticator.

Bank pin and authenticator mean nothing on RuneScape if your email is compromised.
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