My Best Stream Ever
So basically met this guy over in Meow_Talk friend chat playing RuneScape Old School. He starts stream, and same as always I help promote him through hosting and tweets. Turns out he gets affiliate, seems to be heading the same path as with Russo over at zSkillers friend chat about a year ago. Never did I expect what came next.

He shows up earlier today during my live stream. Gifted 174 subscriptions to random people from the chat. I got my alert today including subscriptions and bits, he spent $944 in a single stream. I know my share after Twitch gets paid is around like $500. But still!

This guy is a legend. If you haven't heard of him yet - go drop a follow to If you have Twitch Prime go ahead and give him a free monthly subscription. He deserves it!

Oh and also. The guy I hosted after I ended, he went and gave him like $450 in bits and donations.
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