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Hey there this thread will be used to discuss on improvements to the forum and the site! Our goal is to be one of the silver ranked fansites. IF you have any idea's on how to achieve the requirements needed for this then post below!

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RuneScape fansites are websites which are created by RuneScape enthusiasts in order to celebrate the game. They help support the game by engaging users and helping Jagex bring the RuneScape community together with events and discussions. They often provide guides and resources for all manner of RuneScape related topics.

These fansites help Jagex engage with our community. In order to help support this, we offer varied levels of support, depending on how much the site puts in. Simply put, the more fansites do for us, the more we'll do for them.

Our fansite support programme is divided into four tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As a fansite expands its library of resources and it's community it will move through these tiers, as a fansite progresses we will provide more support to help these communities get the most out of the game and Jagex.

RuneScape Community Management


The owners of a Bronze fansite focus solely on RuneScape and have a genuine
commitment towards growing their website, both in terms of the resources they offer and their communities. The owners recognize the importance of security and data management, with systems, processes and privacy policies in place. All content on your website must be your own, and content must not be copied or plagiarized from any other website.

In return we'll help get you connected with the wider fan site community via the official fan site forums, as well as make sure you have access to the fan site support pack.


A silver fansite will foster a small community with a growing content library. It looks to run events every so often and continue to commit to growth, progression and excellence. The fansite will work, where possible, with Jagex in supporting their official competitions or campaigns and have, or are considering, a social media presence to further your sites popularity. Importantly, you understand the damaging affect Real World Trading adverts have on the game and you actively block/remove these from your website, as well as advertisements which promote competitor services or games.

You’re committed to supporting us, so we’re committed to doing the same. We value
your contributions and can help support your events and showcase your growing
content library via our official Twitter account, as well as keeping your Bronze support benefits.


A gold fan site offers a large array of RuneScape related content with a reasonably sized (and growing) community. You dedicate time and resource into running regular events with a clear commitment and focus on engaging your community with the wider player base. A gold fansite will have a clear presence on social media sites.

You’re helping provide an enhanced community experience for the game and we’ll aim to support you however we can. With regular event promotion, content & community shout outs and occasional prizes for give always and social media competitions we’ll help you grow further, reaching a wider audience. Your website will also be officially recognized by Jagex and included on the recognised fan site list.


A platinum fansite offers an extensive array of RuneScape related content and tools with a substantial community. You reach out outwards towards Jagex and the wider RS community, not in on yourselves. Your site hosts regular, engaging in game events. You have a strong presence on social media sites which you use to enhance your visitors experience. You place a real emphasis on community engagement, support and experience – ensuring your fan site delivers memorable in game or on site moments.

You’re renowned Gielinor over for being the place to go for RuneScape info, entertainment & fun… and we love it. We’ll do our best to give you everything you need and more to make sure you continue to ‘wow’ your visitors, with regular promotional support, including being mentioned on our social media sites & newsposts, exclusive Jagex interviews, prizes and more, with priority access to our fansite support e-mail box for direct Jagex contact.
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Fansites FAQ

Here is a handy collection of FAQ's which should hopefully answer any questions you may have about fan site support.

I'm a fan site admin and would love to be supported. How do I get in touch?
Awesome, let's chat! Ping us an e-mail at fansites@jagex.com with your URL & a bit about you & your fansite Smile

Can I say my fansite name in game & tell people to join it?
Gold & Platinum fan sites are allowed to mention their site in game & on the forums if they're at or promoting an event, although should not actively spam their site as that would be disruptive

I'm a fan site owner and want to get support, however I've got active offences. Is this a problem?
We review all fansites & support requests on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to get in touch and we'll talk things through

I have a clan site, can you support me?
We are currently looking into a clan site support system, however this system is designed for fan sites only.

Why isn't [fansite name] supported? I use them all the time!
We can't comment on specific fan sites and the reasons why they may not be supported, however we're always prepared to work with any fan site where possible which wants support

Am I guaranteed Jagex support?
Whilst we'll always strive to support our recognized fan sites we can not guarantee we'll be able to support every fan site request which we receive

How do I report a fan site which isn't acting responsibly?
Please e-mail fansites@jagex.com with your concerns & the fansite URL
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Shoot for the moon and if you miss grab a star.
And if nothing works out just flip a table ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) -- (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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