Recruitment Change! 08/07/2014
Fair Silvie: I apologize if you meant well in giving a basic run down for one of my recruits. I was occupied with people bugging me for not responding to private chats and may have come off defensive in the way I tried to ensure the proper welcome wasn't stolen from me - which makes me look like a half ass recruiter for not doing my job. Once I said my part, I asked if there was anything I may have forgotten you are welcomed to include.

Sorry Kire it was my falt aswel, i was only half paying attention to the chat and failed to notice you spoke up.
So it basically looked like i was baggering plus the recruited person was also not saying anything which others in clan found strange and kinda rude too.

Lets hope the new recruitment change is a change for the better.

Sincerely Fair. Smile
It will be. I invited anyone to chat even if they were F2P. Maybe now we can only get P2P that will actually contribute to citadel so it won't have to be so much pressure on maintaining even during summer when most post away notice. I just hate to see our citadel die off like so many others.
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