Dragon Quest 9 [DS]
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Seriously, one of the best games for DS ever. It gives 3DS titles a run for their money. This game pushes the limits of the ds. It's an RPG with turn based attacks... but it keeps it exciting don't worry. The main character (you) as well as anybody else fighting along side you are all completely customizable. Game is pretty much 3d, with a full 3d world.

Rough plot summary:
Spoiler :
You're basically an angel that fell out of heaven and lost your halo and wings. You go around trying to collect benevolence to get your halo and wings back. There's a main story as well as over a hundred side quests as well as dlc quests and items. (dlc is no longer possible due to wifi capabilities of the original ds and wii being shut down by nintendo, however they can be obtained via action replay).

Lots of weapons and armor, and I mean lots. A lot more than you'd expect from a ds game, and all with their own stats. Some are pretty much just cosmetic.

You can also play with friends who have the game. They can bring their characters with their stats into your save file and play through story mode from wherever you are at. And it counts! You could also go into their save file and power level or buy weapons you normally couldnt get yet... and it counts!

I haven't beat it yet but I'd highly suggest this game. Definetly worth 30, even 40 bucks if you can get it.

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