No More Heroes [Wii]
No More Heroes is in some ways the GTA of the wii. For once, this game originated on Wii and was later ported to ps3 and xbox 360.

[Image: screenshot8_zpsddd8c3b4.jpg]

You play as Travis Touchdown, a guy without a penny to his name who loves anime and wrestling. He wins a beam sword in an online auction, and becomes an assassin to start earning money.

[Image: No-More-Heroes-2-Desperate-Struggle-Wii-...22c40f.jpg]

If you've ever played Mad World for Wii, the gameplay is very similar. The levels do get kind of repetitive... but the bosses are usually awesome.

Oh it's also full of anime references Tongue Especially to dragon ball z. Travis Touchdown can actually go into super sayan mode in the game! XD Hilarious!

Also in between levels, you'll run around the "Santa Destroy, California" trying to find odd jobs to pay for entry fees. I thought that was a nice touch Tongue

[Image: no_more_heroes_02-1_zps0f033563.jpg]

^This is a screenshot of my absolute favorite boss fight in the game! I haven't beat the game yet... but...
Spoiler :
so far this is the only boss you don't actually kill. And she makes an appearence in the sequel! exciting!

If you have a Wii sitting around collecting dust, try no more heroes. It's one of the better games for Wii other than the mainstream ones. (Super Smash etc.)
A very nice hack n slash game indeed, I very much like these types of games eg. Red Steel that I have as well Tongue
Reminds me of another overshadowed Wii game - OneChanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers.
[Image: ngor36.jpeg]
"When I came into the game they didn't do nothing but doubt me.
Now the whole game's changed and it ain't nothing without me." - Ludacris
^That sounds sweet!

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