Platform Racing 2
Pretty simple. You make a character and you race other players on pre-made or player made stages. You gain xp and rank up, as well as collect hats that each have their own ability. Apparently you can also create guilds now. I've just created a guild if anyone ends up playing this and wants to join =P

[Image: oSKyJwS_zpsa9446602.png]

[Image: muRgO5t_zpsb2cb5af1.png]

[Image: QMQsWeG_zps73e9f90a.png]

[Image: k49lckB_zpsa8f06c53.png]

[Image: ija3Ocn_zps4df1fd96.png]

[Image: ak4dBi1_zps93532f51.png]

[Image: wtt6iRg_zpse9d45e78.png]

[Image: 7nwYJvZ_zpsc17f680e.png]

Of course, there are downsides to letting players create anything they want...
[Image: YH6QjDr_zps02399ecc.png]

Here's the link:

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