Kirby Triple Deluxe [3DS]
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This game sticks to the basics of the past kirby games while adding a bunch of new content! There's plenty of stuff for the completionists like keychains to collect and sun stones in each level. There are some new abilities like ninja kirby, bell kirby, circus kirby, archer kirby... and maybe more. I forgot. As well as a bunch of the old abilities. The game also has Dedede tour mode in which you can play through story mode as King Dedede after you beat the original story mode.

There's also kirby fighters, a mini game which is basically super smash bros except all kirbys complete with abilities and 7 awesome maps. My only critique about this is that you cant use all the copy abilities that are in the game... but it's still really cool! Can play solo or multi-player.

And then finally, there's a really stupid king dedede drum beat rhythm game... probably the stupidest feature ever... but every kirby game has a stupid mini game.

All in all, this is one of the better titles for the 3DS. If you have a 3DS, you should check this game out if you haven't already. =)
Looks good Smile
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Shoot for the moon and if you miss grab a star.
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I've always loved Kirby games, they never fail to stop being cute
This one is pretty cute =P 3D really helps their cute cause.

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