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Hi im sure most of you have seen me around in the chat and stuff and i wanted to ask a question and get some real insite on it with links if possible.

I would like to pvm and barrows would be a good start i can do it fine but sometimes it a struggle and multiple kills in 1 inv can be a problem so now the question what gear should i be using for my levels i would like to earn the gear myself but if i have to i could maybe purchase it although i am slighty poor.

My stats in case sig isnt working again: 80 Attack, Strength, Defense.
81 Cont, 76 Range, 58 Prayer, 44 Summoning, 93 Mage.

Also the pots i should be using would be a great help as well as ability's.
I know its a lot to ask and im not sure if i posted in the correct place but if anyone feels generous enough to lend some advice its all appreciated.

Thanks JZY
Use the following mage equip:

Ganodermics and Polypore staff or if you have enough tokens, chaotic staff

Degradeable, but they're really good and cheap. Take some sharks with you too
Also when you get the skills to do ports I would recommend working on that armor as it's not too shabby, but I do agree with the chaotics as something to strive for.
For food though, sharks have risen a tad, so maybe some old fashioned monkfish unless you can fish sharks yourself to save some coin.
*Edit: Sharks seemed to have crashed, nevermind, but monkfish are still nice.
My advice. Play Old School.

Shark = 1k. Swap = 7k+. Bank made.

My rates change so I pay the highest for OS (or match price) and sell OS at lowest. Main competition for everybody seems to be this guy on Twitch named OakDice. But for the time being the going base rate of OS buyers is 7:1 for EOC. Meaning all OS gold is worth 7x higher on EOC.

So even if you play OS only when you need money - all items are worth 7x what you sell them for on Zybez marketplace when flipped/swapped to EOC currency.
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