Clan Cup 2014 - Week 3 - Mining
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Jens (4 mith) and myself (3 mith) completed a session

Scrimshaw, d pick, varrock 3 armour, wisdom aura, mining cape and lava titan with mini stinky jens holding clan avatar Tongue

Special thanks to Monoxide (1 mith), Queen (3 mith) and Joojo (1 mith) for assisting us!

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i failed on solo session

Great effort to both of you Wink

Well done guys!
Session 1 done.

My first attempt (119k xp), I might do a second one during the weekend.
nice going Smile
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(19-09-2014, 09:28 PM)Music Within Wrote: nice going Smile

I wish I could rewards all the people who have contributed to the clan cup sessions. Once again thank-you to all and keep up the great work team!
Big thanks to all! Didn't expected to be among the top 25 clans. Greatly impressed.

Once the clan cup is over we will review submitted images to see the highest single-skill entry to win 14-day membership. Second highest entry to earn 5m RS GP. Same clan member can not win twice. We shall see whom didn't win the membership to give the 5m to.
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