Clan Cup 2014 - Week 4 - Fishing
Post on here and tell us if you would like to join the team!!

Team members are below, you can also use this to discuss the best xp/hour method and ask for assistance.

*Post if you changed your name make sure that the team list is up to date with the in game names!!!
*Post once you've done your skilling session, it's also nice if you post the xp you've earned so we can help eachother out more if needed.

Clan Cup - Skilling Team (week 4)
Week 4's skill is Fishing. We repeat, Week 4's skill is Fishing.
  1. Music Within - 107k (might do another hour on sunday)
  2. Metalangel86 - 130k
  3. Ss Macka - 130k
  4. Spiked Life - 105k
  5. Jens - 118k
  6. kenway - Replaced w/ Gorgan
  7. i was draqon - 110k
  8. Xuan - shouldn't do his session this week. Confirmed. - Replaced w/ Kire667
  9. Mr Fray - shouldn't do his session this week. Confirmed. - Replaced w/ Henkco
  10. Jzy - 91k
Backup members:
*Kire667 - 107k
*Gorgan Sail - 126k
*Airalsuir - 105k
*Henkco - 316k
Fishing Highscore; Skilling cup winner will win a bond - Best helper will win something as well
Any clan member can join in, interact with your vex to start a skilling hour, after an hour screenshot the xp that you have gained "vex will tell you once the timer runs out" post it on here and you'll have a chance to win!

Special thanks to:
Fair silvie & Beth
Daloneshadow -~8 cavefish bubbles
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Shoot for the moon and if you miss grab a star.
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Adviced Skilling Method:

• Granite Crab - Fishing boost +1
• Ibis - Fishing boost +3
• Granite lobster - Fishing boost +4

• Call of the Sea (Tier 1,2,3,4)
• Wisdom

• Divine Shark Bubble - 60 Lustrous Energy 20 Raw Shark

Three fastest methods:

1st Method: Barbarian Fishing
Barbarian fishing is now one of the fastest methods you can possibly do.
Each of the 3 leaping fish now have a left click drop option, enabling you to easily put it on your action bar like the following:
[Image: Ms2UZfx.png]
[Image: gNKqfHC.png]
You can then drop the fish easily. This method can be around 100k exp/hour with the easy of dropping them now.

2nd Method: Complexity 2 Fishing
Complexity 2 fishing is where you enter a dungeon either: solo or have a partner with you to open doors. The dungeon is set to complexity 2 which allows only fishing/mining/wc and combat.
In this method you would complete the the floor like you would a rush BUT you only look for the fishing spots and deplete the fishing spots. They look like this.
[Image: HskKcSe.png]
At level 90 it is possible to gain over 100k exp/hour using this method. Even more if someone completes the floor for you while you fish.

Those are the two main methods that would be the best for the competition but there is a third method (credit to Jens)

3rd Method: Fishing Rocktails With Skillchompas
This method can be at least 90k+ exp/hour with Crimson Skillchompas
Crimson Skillchompas grant you 10% of the experience you would get for normally skilling, for rocktails this would be 38 experience per skillchompa.
For this method you would need a lot of skillchompas and they are rather expensive.
Name changes and substitutions:

RageClicking Dropped Out. Pending replacement.
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Shoot for the moon and if you miss grab a star.
And if nothing works out just flip a table ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) -- (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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i might be interested in this one and according to dragonseance rocktails with skill chompas and legendary call of sea is 200-250k/hr which should be the best xp an hour
Hi there i could take part if needed just bare in mind the xp per hour is not gonna be great. ill definitely be back up.
time to catch some skillchompassss
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Hopefully this will be our best results for the clan cup. I enjoy seeing how well we fair in fishing given our home town is Catherby, our clan/friend chats are Catherby, and it's rank 33 on Old School high scores page. Wink

Give em hell, guys and gals! I'll see what I can do with that dungeoneerding c2small method. If the result isn't good enough I'll simply go with barbarian drop-fishing.
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More than happy to be on the back-up list. Big Grin
Would give me a reason to Fly fish.
My rsn is Vun, Not momentum
Sign me up as a backup member please.

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