Clan Cup 2014 - Week 4 - Fishing
first try thx to ss macka for the ava and xuan for the sharkbubble

No worries Wink Very good score indeed!

Just a heads up for everyone regarding Kenways session - hopefully Friday or Saturday (UK timezone) he states. I have made him aware only the best session out of 3 tries counts
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Don't forget your Fish Flinger set for bonus experience by I believe 5%. Friend chat "2flingfish" world 89 if you have yet to unlock it.

I'll begin my first attempt list on Twitch in a second here. Doing one attempt per day for next 3 days using the Barbarian Drop-Fish method. I hate mousekeys and have always been against them. Should Jagex intend to make it fair to everyone to have access to it in Old School then I'd use it - like they have for Evolution of Combat with the action bar.

Update: Uploaded 2 pics of today's 60-minute clan cup entry. I'll try once per day for next two days as well after work.

Second attempt this time ending with 3 Rocktail Bubbles of divination. Added image attachments.

Before my 3rd attempt tomorrow after work. I need someone to host the avatar besides myself so I can have a chance to use a summon pet instead that might boost fish xp rewards. Also hopefully somewhere near barbarian fishing so it's 6% not 3% xp buff. I don't own brawlers so I can't cheat with that. Also doubt I can buy those on GE or I probably would.

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(27-09-2014, 04:40 PM)Metalangel86 Wrote: [Image: nmsdIjU.png]

Metal used 3 of her own cavefish bubbles and 3 cavefish bubbles provided by myself with hosting avatar. Great effort!

Edit: Helpful hint FYI - It took Metal 6 cavefish bubbles to reach her gathering limit of 498/500. 500 is the gathering limit after vis wax 100% extension.

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Rank 16 for this week!
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Shoot for the moon and if you miss grab a star.
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