Clan Cup 2014 - Week 5 - Agility

93410 xps... Not too bad for a first run, but might try to better it tomorrow
101891 experience gained in Agility on my 2nd attempt. Same as last week I doubt I'll have time to try for the 3rd given the fact it takes 24 hours on reset for Wisdom Aura.

Confirmed Agility Challenge daily doesn't count toward clan cup xp. Oh well. Tongue

Still got my 5m worth of Silverhawk Boots on. 6% with Avatar buff. Another 2.4% Wisdom Aura.

Strange thing is after an hour it only used about 30 or so feathers. Can't remove the remaining 183 off the boots. Not risking destroy option just to see if I get them back to resell. I'll save them for when I go for level 120.

Btw how does Viswax help for agility? Thought we can recharge Jack of Trades Aura tier 1 and 2 but not Wisdom Aura.

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Keep up the great scores and very good effort to all who have finished!

I'm going to start a 2nd session (Sunday 05/10/2014) approx. 9am game time which is 7pm AEDT (Daylight savings for Australia is today +1hr)
I don't understand.. I ran just as fast but this time with double wisdom aura and I got lower than my 1st attempt that had no wisdom at all lmao. I used 50 feathers just like last time LOL
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I am mindbloggled bahaha
3/3 agilitycup

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