Clan Cup XP Results!

I'm going to aim to get involved in each of them next year.

Once we know what the events are that is.
Top 10 hey, bring it oooon! I'll definitely be up for that Wink
Could easily do the top 10 next year.

... and if we don't, I will eat EVERYONE! <3
Music tastes like chicken, maybe you taste like turkey hmm
Figured I'd throw in a free bond to our highest XP. Then it became people wanted 2nd place to also get a prize so I said 5m. They wanted to split 5m between rank 2 and 3 but I threw in another 5m yet again for 3rd best skiller.

Next year it will be known better as to when each skill is expected and what prizes are before it begins. Because most likely it won't be me hosting the giveaway to provoke more people to boost clan rank. Also the first year with events like these aren't too organized on Jagex behalf neither. So it wasn't entirely our fault. Even they made mistakes along the way calculating total XP per skill per clan and so forth.

Update: Paid out Henko and Macka. Passed 5m over to Music Within to hand to Jens next time he logs on. Seeing as I work when he gets on and what not.
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