Double XP Weekend 2014 Results/Achievements
Double XP Weekend XP Gains.

This thread can be used to show off much xp you have gained during the 2014 Double XP Weekend.

XP Tracker:

Have Fun!
Clan Members' Achievements: *In Progress*
Great idea Gorgy Wink
this bonus xp weekend is beast. It stacks with accumulated bonus xp!!!
Just a collage I kept Wink

[Image: NdM6T6n.png]
Grats on the achievements.
I managed to peg off Summoning, Agility and RuneCrafting. Smile
I ended up getting 91 cooking. So that was cool Tongue
I went from 95-97 wc on the last day, which was cool. Now I'm trying to finish off to 99, and then I'll get 99 fletching too! Big Grin
I managed to get 3 levels in the hated and cursed agility out of the way,, now at 88. So all in all a good weekend.

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