Photos With Mario [3DS]
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Photos with mario... cuz what else could you want? The way it works is you buy a Nintendo eShop card that you would normally use to buy stuff in the store and it comes with an AR card. Ar card, you know, those things that came with your 3ds that either went straight in the garbage or right back in the box. Don't get too upset... those ones don't work with this game. It has to be one of the 6 that come with the eShop cards.

The camera does a really good job picking up the cards and creating the character... unless the lighting is bad. Then you're really f---ed. It doesn't matter how close you get it the poor lighting will make it near impossible.

[Image: HNI_0057_MPO_zps74ca5e0c.jpg]

So ok... it has 6 character you can unlock by purchasing these $10 cards... that's $60. And I only have the peach card... I want other characters. So I had a bright idea... find a picture of them and print them out! Right? Well, even better! It works straight off your computer screen!

[Image: HNI_0054_MPO_zps28fed75d.jpg]

And the actual app "Photos with Mario" is free! So why even buy any of these eCards?

So yeah it's a cool little game/app. You could probably get some funny pictures and post them to facebook or something Tongue

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I just thought... this is neat. But if you really wanted something like this, there's photoshop. Or even microsoft paint...

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