Do you have games for consoles you don't have?
Do you have games for consoles you don't have?

I was looking at my game shelf... and I realized. I have an n64 game, and an xbox 360 game. Quarter back club 2000 for n64, and a xbox 360 bonus disk. Why do I have these? I don't own an n64 or an xbox 360. Am I wierd?
Yes you are? >.>
Unless you threw the consoles out and forgot about the games... Then ur just like me.. T_T hating it cause you can't play those games!
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Found this in my closet. Sold system and all games (so I thought) to a pawn shop for $20 in 1998.

Got every game on emulator and rom up to Gamecube. No real need for these so I figured I'd see what they're worth on E-Bay.

You should check around and then auction them off for around that price + shipping.

It's surprising the older the game the higher the value - yet most games now adays go on sale once they reach platinum label of 1m copies sold. But once they're out of production EVERYONE that doesn't have means to illegally download it will pay top dollar for a copy. Worth even more if you keep it unopened and with the instruction manual.
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I don't have a lot of really old games.. I probably have a few gamecube games that might be worth something like pokemon colosseum with the bonus disc for gamecube. But I collect games so I'd rather just hang onto everything like a Pack rat rather than sell it. Or should I say... a Pacman rat!!! Bu dum tss!!! I'll be here all week

Oh also! Erik, that's kinda funny you brought up the NES because I was thinking about getting an actual NES console fairly soon. I also saw some sort of replica NES console that was a lot cheaper... so I may consider getting that as well.

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