Snowboarding & Tirannwn Task Set
Snowboarding & Tirannwn Task Set

The Tirannwn Task Set and the last of the Festive Cheer Christmas events - Snowboarding - are live right now in RuneScape.
So who else Maxed their board out within the first few hours? ^_^
It's much better than doing an Agil course though, I have to admit.

Will most likely spend all of the Xmas period doing it.
I finally got told about it via PM from a friend after work. I'm heading there now to see how it's done. Wiki isn't helping much so I assume all we do is camp Lumbridge after speaking to Queen of Snow for our tier 1 board.

Wish me luck. I have 2 hours before work to learn this new stuff.

Well before I can even enjoy snowboarding I have to hunt 4 elements at different locations around Gilenor.
[Image: ngor36.jpeg]
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I'll give this a go pretty soon, hopefully I have more time!
That snowboarding thing was so tedious! I got a tier 6 board. Sweet! What the heck is it good for outside the crater?

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