Clan Directory Registration COMPLETE!
We did it!

Our website is posted on the 1st page (1st post) of the clan directory!
Now if someone wonders what our clan website is and you do not wish to say the url in game! Then be free to refer to this pinned thread.
I have also added this in our recruitment thread Smile

"Home > Forums > Clan Central > Clan Directory"
Quick find code: 135-136-694-65563013

[Image: IrmNZ51.png]
[Image: ZHq944f.jpg]

And yes I will request for our Facebook to be added to this as well Smile
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that's great! good job!!! ^^

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it's good that this was implemented, we can now send people to this QFC/thread to easily get to our website. great work jagex Smile
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Amazing stuff! Good job Smile
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we are moving up in the world Tongue
Yay Jagex. You did something right :-)

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